Georgia has truly dedicated her life to the happiness of children. It is the through line of every one of her days, her decisions and everything she does. She has chosen to combine her entertainment work with her philanthropy work to, not only share positive messages on camera but, to have a platform from which she can speak and act, on behalf of children, when the cameras are turned off. Nothing makes her happier than putting a smile on a child's face. She is putting her heart and mind into finding innovative and sustainable ways to put, and keep, smiles on the faces of children all around the world.  

Georgia supports a number of different charitable organizations and social enterprises. Whether her involvement is as founder or as a volunteer each one is uniquely special to her. She choose her organizations because of the long term sustainable change they are making for children and families in America and around the world. Below are the organizations she spends the majority of her time with. (she wishes it could be more)

Arts Bridging the Gap

The majority of her time is currently spent working as the Executive Director of Arts Bridging the Gap - ensuring that underserved youth have access to top quality arts education in order to improve their academic and socio-emotional success. Georgia started ABG because she could no longer stand seeing her precious kids not having access to the resources and outlet for expression that they deserved to have the best future possible.

Children's Alopecia Project

Georgia supports and advocates for her favorite Alopecia support organization CAP. She attends their yearly summer camps and ​speaks on their behalf at a variety of events. She loves her CAP kids and considers them to be family.

​She is also a huge supporter of the CAP Mexico group - GroupoMexico.

Children's Lifesaving Foundation

Georgia works as a mentor and tutor for the children at CLF she helps them with their school work, supports them through their challenges and spends time with their families. She also goes to summer camp with the kids both their sleep away and surf camps. The CLF children and their families are a part of Georgia's LA family she loves them like brothers and sisters and a lot of her experiences with them and helping them through their challenges have informed the work she is now doing through ABG


The Los Angeles Mission

Georgia spends ever one of the major holidays down at the LA Mission celebrating with their local friends and neighbors who are experiencing tough times. She loves the staff and students at the Mission and is proud and honored to be able to celebrate with them and support in anyway she can. You will always find her running the children's Art area on her knees covered in sticker laughing and playing with the children of the Skid Row community.

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Georgia's has found her newest LA family members at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. She is truly honored to be a regular guest reader for their Stories Under the Stars Nights where she reads with the patients and their siblings. She is also a newly certified volunteer cuddler and just loves being with the babies in the NICCU unit and lending any comfort that she can to them and their families.

Georgia also loves to spend time teaching theatre and improv to the kids at:

Mar Vista Boys and Girls Club

Para Los Ninos

Oneluv the Arts Non Profit

and Comiques Sans Frontieres

She also coaches the Culver City YMCA 8-9 year old Basketball team - her favorite role of all!

Georgia and her kids

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