​​​​What’s Your secret?

The secrets you are keeping are the secrets to your happiness. 

When Georgia Van Cuylenburg Actress/hair model lost all of her hair suddenly everyone in her life told her to keep it a secret. After a year of misery hiding the truth from everyone she decided to make a film about being bald and in an instant found a world of people desperate for someone to tell their secret to. Seven years later she has never been happier and can’t wait to share her secret with the next person she meets because she knows we all have a secret and it is only when we share it with others that we can be our true selves and love and be loved as 100% us. 

A speech touching on personal journey/growth and the neuroscience of happiness and well being.

The science of happiness and hairlessness 

How studying her immune disease led Georgia Van Cuylenburg to neuroscience and scientifically creating happiness for herself and all the children she works with. 

Being handed a mental illness and an immune disease very early on in her life led Georgia Van Cuylenburg to a subject she never thought she ‘cared for’ science. In her quest to grow her hair back she stumbled across the neuroscience of happiness and instead created a truly happy life for herself, hair or no hair, and dedicated her life to finding this same level of happiness for every child in the world.

Give me Lemons!

How to build your own internal lemonade-making machine. 

Georgia Van Cuylenburg will tell you unequivocally that loosing her hair when she was 21 and an actress/hair model was the best thing that ever happened to her. She also is so grateful for her 12 year long battle with anorexia. This is because Georgia has an internal mechanism that takes everything bad that happens to her and makes it good. She doesn’t believe this is a mechanism that is unique to her and she wants to help everyone discover how to build their own Lemonade making machine. She wants everyone else to get just as excited as she does when things get back because she knows the worse the lemons, the better the Lemonade in the end! 

This speech touches on mental illness, personal journey/growth, positive psychology, resilience and the neuroscience of happiness.

​It’s not me, it’s you!

How making other’s happy made me happier than I ever could have imagined. 

Having come through a serious eating disorder and a life changing autoimmune condition and now being happier than she even knew was possible Georgia Van Cuylenburg attributed her true happiness to her passion for making others happy. And don’t just take her word for it; her experience is based in neuroscience – the science of happiness.

Why I am investing in these kids.

As a social entrepreneur Georgia believes she will get her biggest ROI by investing in the children that most people forget. 

Georgia Van Cuylenburg has worked with underserved youth for most of her life. So when she began to tackle the small question of how can we save our world from the scary direction it is headed, she realized that the answer lies with these children. Their natural gratitude, mindfulness, resilience and empathy make them the ideal leaders and it is our job now to invest in them, arming them with the resources and education they need to successfully fulfill the essential role they were born to play for a better future for us all. 

This speech references sustainable global change, positive psychology, leadership and whole brain child development.

Why my money is on the Arts.

Want to save the world and save us from a violent end? Then start funding the Art! 

Arts educator, media personality and children’s entertainer Georgia Van Cuylenburg has seen thousands of examples of the Arts transforming children’s lives and she believes that the Arts are the answer to transforming our world. 

A speech referencing Neuroscience, positive psychology, education reform, the arts and sustainable global change.

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Georgia has had the honor and pleasure of speaking around the world, on TV and radio about her life challenges, lessons and the happiness she has found in the most surprising of places. He passion for sustainable social change, positive psychology and improving the lives of children fuel her love for constantly learning and sharing the things she learns. 

Georgia Van Cuylenburg