Georgia loves to write. She not only gets great joy from it but it has also been her saving grace and source of strength during challenging times.

Her first major experience with the healing power of writing came when her full length theatre piece 'readMylips' was staged in Melbourne Australia in 2005. It was received with overwhelming attendance numbers, media acclaim and she was awarded the 2005 Tattersal's Enterprise and Achievement Award for her work.

Since then she has been a writer on a number of children's shows including My Magical World and Page Jumpers. She is now focusing her entertainment writing on education television for children, TV comedies and her baseball/romantic comedy 'Start With the Ending.'

Georgia also writes for a number of publications as a freelance writer. She is particularly proud of the monthly piece she writes for the Hollywood Journal 'The Hollywood Soul Angel' highlighting a celebrity making a difference with their philanthropic work. You can read Georgia's articles in the Hollywood Journal HERE


Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down  Don't Wig Out!

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- "About" Feature Film

   Role of Grace

- PAYDAY2 - Role of Sydney

- Star Wars the Old Republic
- Role of Ensign Raina Temple

- Final Fantasy xiii-3 (final     installment in the trilogy)  - Role of Vanille

- Don't Wig Out! (weekly    

  show) ubnradio  - Co host

- Hollywood Journal -      

  monthly contributor.

- Baby Let You Hair Hang    

  Down - Documentary Film


- ONE VOICE - Executive Producer/speaker

Georgia is so grateful that she has been able to 'play'  for a living. She has been working as a performer in many different forums since she was a teenager and never ever wants to stop. Her love for entertaining, creating characters and making people laugh have lead her to work with some of the biggest names in entertainment and some of the biggest franchises around the world.   When she reflects on how her voice over work, writing, stand up, producing and acting have enabled her to share her messages with audiences around the world she can only think of her two favourite words - MAGIC and GRATEFUL!

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Georgia Van Cuylenburg

Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down

Final Fantasy xiii                   Star Wars TOR

Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down is a feature length (72mins) documentary that follows one girl on her journey from discovery to acceptance of her autoimmune disease/condition – Alopecia Areata (immune related hair loss.) When she lost her hair she was forced to completely reassess the career and life she had chosen for herself. We go with her from doctor to doctor trying to find a cure, which she soon discovers doesn’t exist. We cry and laugh with her as she comes to terms with the fact that her only choice is acceptance. Once she makes this choice her world turns into the world she had always hoped for – one of sharing, giving back and filled with amazing children. At the end of the film Georgia realizes that whether she has hair or not doesn’t really matter at all. The difference she can make in other people’s lives by being loud and proud about her Alopecia Areata is a bigger gift than anything she could ever hope for.

The film has been featured on ABC's 2020, The Doctors, KTLA News, Huffington Post and has appeared in numerous film festivals across the world. It won the Human Interest Award at the 2012 Monaco Film Festival.