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Check out one of Georgia's latest project where she gets to talk to her favorite kind of humans - kids!!

And for more fun - Georgia's latest film - Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down is on sale - watch the trailer below and click HERE to purchase your copy!!


(Added December 5th 2014) Georgia is so honored to be the guest of honor at the CAP Mexico screening of her movie. A very special night in amazing city!

(added Novemeber 31st) Georgia had a magical day down on Skid Row with her favorite LA Mission celebrating Thanksgiving and being reunited with a family she hasn't seen in two years.

(Added November 21st) Georgia is taking on a big swimming challenge! Make her swim further by donating and help support her Non profit Organization Arts Bridging the gap.

(Added July 7th 2014) Georgia has started a Happiness Epidemic in her spare time. Check out the indiegogo campaign video here and if you feel like contributing to happiness you can by clicking HERE

 (Added July 1st 2014) Georgia just got back from an incredible week at Camp Shalom working with the kids at the CHildren's Life Saving Foundation. Here are some of the kids during one of her workshops - talking about how they want to be remembered.
(Added Jun26th 2014) Georgia had an incredible time at Alopeciapalooza in upstate NY this year. Her focus this year was using your honesty to make a difference. This is a pic Georgia took on the way to camp. Two new friends made :)

(Added April 8th 2014) Check out the latest episode of Don't Wig Out with Amy and Georgia on channel 1 Below is a pic of Georgia, Amy and this weeks amazing guests - Alopecia teen Cameron and Miss Tina from the LA Mission:

(Added April 8th 2014) Georgia had the pleasure of spending last weekend in Kentucky at Animation and Gaming Ohio 2014 (that still doesn't make sense to her either ;)) See her here with a wallet a fan asked her to sign:

(Added March 7th 2014) Catch Georgia talking about her Alopecia, her movie and loving yourself on The Doctors TV show - check The Doctors Website for local times and channel listings.

 (Added Feb 24th 2014) Georgia's new live streaming call in show Don't Wig Out with Amy Gibson premiered on UBN RADIO this Monday. You can watch them every monday at on channel 2.
Watch this weeks show here:

(Added Feb 11th 2014) Lightning Returns the third installment of the Final Fantasy xiii Trilogy was released today to fantastic reviews. Georgia is so honored to be revising her role as Vanille in this game and thinks you guys are going to love the whole thing!!

(Added Feb 7th 2014) Georgia is so honored that ABCs 2020 has re-aired their story about her and her movie for a third time. See the piece at 10pm on ABC tonight or if you missed it here it is in full:

(Added Oct 28th) Georgia spent her thanksgiving at the House of Blues serving our less fortunate friends and hanging with her kids from Children's Lifesaving Foundation.

(Added Oct 27th) Georgia spent today down on Skid row volunteering with The LA Mission for Thanksgiving. It was a magical full of smiles.

(Added Oct 28th) Georgia has started her 6 week theatre production with the kids in the Mar Vista Projects and the Boys and Girls Club - they are amazing kids and this is a big challenge! Some of the faces she is getting to play with:

(Added October 27th, 2013, If you are in Australia pick up a copy of Women's Day where you might see a familiar face!

(Added October 5, 2013) Georgia just completed her swim from Alcatraz for the CAP (children's Alopecia Project) Kids. She managed to come 15th out of the women - not bad for a first time and for not wearing a wetsuit in 60 degree water. She also raised $1200 for the kids - thank you for your donations!! Next stop - the English Channel next summer!

(Added August 18th, 2013) Georgia spent last week in Michigan at Alopeciapalooza with some of the amazing Alopecian kids of CAP (Children's Alopecia Project.) In one of her talks she promised to make a movie with the kids. And here it is:

 (Added July 14th, 2013) Georgia's piece on name dropping in the Hollywood Journal has had a great response online. Check it out:

(Added May 13th, 2013) Watch Georgia's latest video - about the difference you can make in children's lives.

(Added May 13th, 2013) Georgia is now writing for the Hollywood Journal - Here is a link to her first piece:

(Added March 19th, 2013)  Check out Georgia's latest video in the series "What I've learned this week."
(Added February 25th, 2013) Pictures from the Oscars are up - was an incredible day. Footage coming soon.
(Added February 23rd, 2013) Georgia is very honored to be playing amongst some of the biggest names in transformational thinking on the new online learning center  You can find her classroom here: GEORGIA VAN C Check out her latest video about Feeling good:

(Added February 23rd, 2013) Georgia is loving working with Digiyoo and the viewer response has been fab! Check out episode 6 here: 
 (Added February 8th, 2013)
Episode four of Digiyoo in review is now up - hope you  enjoy! Check it out at

 (Added January 28th, 2013) Episode three of Digiyoo in review in now online - check it out :)

(Added January 22,2013) - Georgia has started working with the amazing kids down at Para Los Ninos  in downtown LA. As part of her charity Comiques Sans Frontieres. She is so excite to work with the kids every thursday!

(Added January 22, 2013) - Georgia is now the host of a weekly blog for a technology and lifestyle site. Check out episode no 2 here:

(Added June 6, 2012)
- NEWS: Georgia documentary Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down has received the Human Interest Award at the Monaco Film Festival.

(Added April 16, 2012) -
Watch Georgia's interview on 20/20 above - it was replayed a few weeks later due to such high ratings.

(Added February 28, 2012)
- Georgia could be seen hosting on the red carpet at the Oscars on February 26th. She had a blast and made the national coverage.

(Added February 27 2012)
- Baby Let your Hair Hang Down has two very exciting dates coming up in March. A story about Georgia and the film will air on ABC's 2020 on March 10th at 9pm and it is part of  the Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival on the 24th of March. 

(Added February 8, 2012) - Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down has been accepted into the Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival in LA from the 23rd-29th of March. Please stay tuned for screening details.

(Added February 7, 2012) - Star Wars the Old Republic was released a month ago and has been receiving rave reviews. Georgia voiced the fourth companion character Ensign Rainer Temple. Players around the world are marrying her as you read this. (Here is a link

(Added October 31, 2011)- Georgia's article on her film Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down made it to the front page of the Huffington Post: Read the article here.


(Added October 23, 2011)- See the story on KTLA news about Georgia and her film:


(Added August 28, 2011)- Just spent a weekend with the kids of CAP at Alopeciapalooza in Cincinnati. Georgia was the guest speaker at the very special weekend. She had an amazing time with the kids and got so many hugs she couldn't feel more lucky!

(Added August 27, 2011)- Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down - is now officially finished and starting the festival circuit. It will have it's world premiere at the DocMiami FIlm Festival Sept 23-25.

(Added July 18, 2011)- Georgia's latest appearance on Sunrise (Channel 7 AU) promoting her film Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down


(Added May 2, 2011)- The trailer for the much anticipated documentary about alopecia starring Georgia Van Cuylenburg



(Added December 21 2010)- Georgia recently appeared on the no.1 National Breakfast
Show in Australia promoting her film Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down. Click the video below to watch.


(Added August 9 2010)- Georgia is very excited to announce she will be starting a new series of kids classes in September - please check the Classes/Teaching section for details. click here now

(Added July 12 2010)- You can meet Georgia at Comic Con in San Diego July 22-25th. She will be signing autographs from 2-7pm on the Friday and Saturday. She is very excited to pop her comicon cherry!

Georgia was last seen at Anime Expo down at the LA convention center where she was interviewing fans on behalf of the amazing new site She wants to thank all the fans and the boys at for a great weekend!!

(Added March 9 2010)- Final Fantasy XIII (english version) is released. Georgia is one of the main leads amongst an amazing cast of actors.

Final Fantasy XIII sold in excess of one million units on its first day of sale in Japan, and had sold 1,698,256 copies in Japan at the end of 2009. The creators, Square Enix, had anticipated high sales for the game and shipped close to two million units for its launch. Georgia's character Vanille has been described as the eye candy of the game - not bad for a bunch of pixels.

(Added March 7 2010)-Georgia was seen on March 7th on the red Carpet at the Oscars



(Added 2/20/10)- Georgia has just finished shooting the final footage for her documentary Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down. The cast and crew were a complete dream and pleasure and she is so excited to share it with all of the film's followers!!

(Added 2/18/10)- Georgia is currently in preproduction for a teen Skateboarding show that teaches kids about skateboarding, other cultures and about giving back to the community. She is working with Skateboarding company/movement PlanetMaple on this great venture.

(Added 2/17/10)- Georgia will be appearing as a cohost on the talk show pilot That's Just My Point of View - starring Sardia Marley.


(Added 8/17/09)- Georgia has announced the launch of her new company I AM SPARTACUS ENTERTAINMENT. Her two latest shows "That's Funny and "I dare You - The Jaime and Alix Show" will be the first projects for the company. Stay tuned for the website but for now:

(Added 7/23/09) - Video of Georgia's latest show at the Laugh Factory  - check it out:

(Added 5/12/09)- Georgia has been invited to be the guest speaker at Alopecialooza in Philadelphia at the beginning of August. She is so excited about meeting  all of those amazingly inspirational kids and their families - and looks forward to making them laugh and smile and the smile and laugh some more!!

(Added 5/11/09)- Georgia will be filming a pilot for her TV show Library Detectives on June 5th. She would like to thank her producing partner Jason Shipman for his hard work on this project and the staff and kids at the Santa Monica YMCA for helping us make our dream a reality!!!

Filming of Georgia's very special film 'Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down' will recommence in June with a new DP and producer - she is so very glad all of this life changing footage will not be for naught.

(Added 5/10/09)- Georgia is the Executive Producer and Host of a kids game show pilot which will be shooting the first week on June. The show has been already covered by Variety Magazine and everyone is very excited about where this little show could go.

For more info email Georgia or check out


(Added 11/12/08)- My Magical World - Georgia's very own television show for 2-6 year olds is now on sale at  Georgia is the star of the show as well as the writer with Cleargate Productions. Cleargate  is busy negotiating with Networks and distributors - this wonderfully irreverent program will be on your shelves and your TV very soon!!

Georgia is sorry but she isn't allowed to publicize her shows because of her children's show. As soon as she can she will - she promises :)

(Added 8/19/08)- Georgia is currently working with award winning director Shaun Conrad on an amazing film 'Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down.' As the writer and 'star' of the film this is proving to be a life changing experience for this little Aussie - she can't wait to share this story with you! 

(Added 8/19/08)- Georgia and My Magical World to sign a deal with PBS - kids of all ages watch this space for the update!!

(Added 8/19/08)- Georgia will be headed down under to hug her family and to perform a frightening amount of times in one week. Check her calendar as the shows get updated. She will be back in the US Sept 8th.

(Added 6/25/08)- What you can see of Georgia on the web has changed a lot this week. Her kids show is about to be released and she needs to be an example to the kids of the world. So no swearing and no naughtiness anymore!  New clean clips will be up soon, until then she apologizes but is very excited about her new show!!

(Added 4/21/08)- EXCITING NEWS - Georgia is headed to Arizona in June to perform her kids stand up show for children who either are HIV positive or whose families are affected by AIDS. She can't wait to get to Camp Incredible to learn from the kids and to share lots of laughter and smiles with them!

(Added 4/21/08)- Georgia has just finished filming her very own children's TV show and can't wait for it to be out in
the public filling kids minds and hearts with magic and make believe and all things wonderful. The show is still hush hush but she promises to share all the news and pics etc... as soon as she can.

(Added 4/21/08)- NOW BOOKING - Georgia's kids stand up show READY SET SMILE is now taking bookings across America. This show is the only live kids show to combine stand up comedy with motivational messages and water balloons. It is a blast of an experience and Georgia is so happy to be sharing it with so many awesome kids!

(Added 2/10/08)- It is a bitter sweet occasion! Georgia has announced that she will be canceling her trip to Australia in March for the comedy festival. She is under a development deal for a magical children show which requires her presence in the US in the next few months. She is very sorry that she will not be heading Down Under to see all her Aussie peeps but is super excited about the prospects of this wonderful show! When she can she will share more about this project - watch this space!!!

(Added 11/14/07)-
Georgia is currently the top ranked writer on the Huffington Post's new comedy site Amongst a stable of writers including Larry David,  Christopher Guest, Dana Gould, Paul Reiser and Nora Effron (to name a few) Georgia's piece "Banning the N word' is ranked in the top 5 blogs of all time!

Not bad for a 21 year old who didn't write Seinfeld, The Simpsons nor spinal Tap!!
Check her writing out at

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